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  • Promotions News

    Congratulations to the following Assembly Secretariat officers/staff on their promotions with effect from 1.7.2020:

    1. Pi Lalnunpuii Renthlei, Under Secretary to Deputy Secretary

    2. Pu Lalrinawma Sailo, Committee Officer to Under Secretary

    3. Pi Lalsangpuii, UDC to Assistant

    4. Pi Zothangliani, LDC to UDC

  • Recontruction of New Website

    Reconstruction of this new official website of Mizoram Legislative Assembly is uderway. Viewers may face some issues and incoveniences while browsing the site which is deeply regretted. We are working on it.

8th Assembly Party Positions

    # Party Seats
    1 Mizo National Front (MNF) 27
    2 Indian National Congress (INC) 5
    3 Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) 1
    4 Independent 7
    Total 40